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Date:6 Oct 2000 Occasion:Dasara Place:Prashanti Nilayam

Serve the Poor and Down-Trodden in the Villages For Self-Realization

Life in this world is transient.
Youth and wealth are ephemeral.
Wife and children are like passing clouds.
Only Love and Righteousness are eternal.
(Telugu Poem)

Embodiments of Love!

Nothing is permanent in this world. Human life is highly valuable. This body should be utilized properly. Cultivate good qualities and derive happiness therefrom. Character is highly valuable. Youngsters today should recognize that youth and wealth are not permanent in this world. You should engage yourselves in serving the poor. You should work for the progress of the society.

Youth plays a very important role in the world today. You should try to understand the present state of affairs of the country. True wisdom on your part lies in entering the Divine path and trying to calm the agitations in the world today. You should also make efforts to eliminate wickedness. Enter the society and serve the people. Enjoy the happiness arising therefrom by sharing it with others. It is said that charity is the ornament for the hand. Truth is the jewel of the throat. Use your education to help others.

Today's students flee to foreign countries soon after completing studies here. But, what do they do there? They clean utensils in some hotel there. I said yesterday that it is better to wash pots in one's home than to wash tea cups abroad. Is there anyone on this earth who does not thump his chest with pride when he declares, this my motherland, this is my mother tongue and this is my religion?

A student's life is meaningless if he does not help others. He is not ready to help others even a little but always thinks of his self-interest. That is why, from the first November, I am starting a new project. I am sending my students to all villages of this district. They will feed the poor, give them clothes, educate them and thus contribute to uplift of the society. ( Students clap.)

Your applause alone does not make me happy. You should act. You should do your duty first. You should go to every village. We should go to every village and provide food, clothing and education to the needy.

We have started educational institutions where education is imparted free. In addition to the existing super specialties hospital here, a new one is coming up in Bangalore, where treatment is available for hitherto incurable diseases. Everything here is free of cost. I have provided these three - health for the heart, education for the head and water for the body. Now I have a new plan. It is my wish to see that poor children are provided with sufficient food, necessary clothing and an education with which they can lead their lives in the society with dignity. A thousand such needy families shall be provided with one lakh rupees each, which will be invested in a fixed deposit. The interest accruing therefrom will be used for the food, clothing and education of the children. Our students will take up the task of educating them. They are indeed poor, but they too belong to the human race. Develop the feeling of brotherhood and love towards them.

My new project will commence from the first of November. With truckloads of saris, dhotis and parcels of food visit every village and distribute them among the poor there. My will is invincible. Whatever I think of or do, is only for others. There is not a trace of selfishness in me. It is also my wish that the destitutes be given houses. Our students should endeavor in every way to improve their lot.

The educated youth of our country should not go abroad in search of money. This amounts to mere begging. Having acquired education here free of cost, it is shameful going abroad to amass wealth. Enter into service activities and I shall see to it that you lack nothing. God is ever ready to help those who come forward to help others. Develop broad mindedness. Only a person with 'Expansion Love' can claim to be human.

Along with education, teach the children of the villages proper conduct to ensure an ideal future to Bharat. It is my aspiration that every one of you uphold the value of humanity. There may be some who may err, but most of our students will undoubtedly stick to the right path. Never indulge in unjust and wrongful acts. Only then can you earn the name as an ideal student of Sri Sathya Sai institute. I do not expect anything from you. Wherever you may go have good conduct, undertake good activities and earn a good name.

Vidya is that which confers good thoughts, good conduct, devotion, discipline and a sense of duty. This is what the Vidyarthi should aspire to acquire. These are the ideals, which Swami wants the students to follow. Your teachers shall be there to guide you. Develop selfless Love. Education should elevate man. Mere bookish knowledge or superficial knowledge is useless. You should possess practical knowledge. Only then you can uplift the world. Your true name is Love. Live up to your name. Only then Swami will feel happy.


How many of you wish to take part in the service activities from the first of November onwards? (All students raised their hands.)

Very good, very good, your enthusiasm has intensified my happiness. Students should understand the problems of the society and try to solve them. Consider the problems of the country as your problems. All are brothers and sisters. When you consider Swami as your Mother and Father, are not these people your brothers and sisters? Work with this type of attitude. If needed, be ready to share your property with your brothers and sisters. Be determined to lead a Truthful, Sacred and Pure life.

Today is an auspicious day. Get ready to go to villages and serve the people. Distribute cloths to them. Give saris to the women, dhotis to the men, shirts and pants to the children and gowns for small girls. Is it not shameful on your part if you wear good dresses and see your brothers and sisters in rags? Give them good dresses and keep them happy. You will derive great joy when you see happiness on their faces. Strive for equality in the society and live together. Only then the society will prosper. Even the government has undertaken so many activities. But we serve the poor for our self-satisfaction, which leads to self- sacrifice and ultimately will lead to self-realization. So, start service activities on the first of November.

[Bhagavan concluded His Divine with the Bhajan, " Hari Bhajan Bina Sukh Shanti Nahin"]