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Date:3 Jul 1993 Occasion:Guru Poornima Place:Prashanti Nilayam

Keep Truth as Your Aim

[Sai sings]

Kutilaalaka Samyuktham
Poornachandra Sughaananam
Vilasath Kundala Dharam
Sathyam Dharmam Jagat Gurum

Kutilaalake Samyuktham
Poornachandra Nabhaananam
Vilasath Kundala Dharam
Sathyam Brahmam Jagat Gurum.

Embodiments of Love :
Truth is life. Truth is light. Truth is all pervasive Brahman. The chief aim of life is to know the truth. When we understand the sacredness of human life, we can understand divinity. It is sheer ignorance to consider man as the combination of body, senses and mind. The body, senses, mind and intellect are instruments. It is not proper to consider the body, senses, mind and the intellect as the basis for human life as the very form. The desires which are not expressed, the mind and intellect are not your true self. You are not delusion. You are not attachment. You are not the heap of bones, the flesh and the blood. Your true energy is your true self, the Parabrahman. We rely on those instruments and forget the true being and are carried away by the ephemeral things.

You are not the house by merely living in the house. You are different from the house. You are not the car as you travel in the car. You are not the car. You are different from the car. Deho Devaalaya Prokto Jeevo Deva Sanatanaha. You are not the body by simply living in the mansion of the body. It is most essential to know your divinity with the help of your body, mind and intellect.

What is this Atma Tatwa and Brahmatwa? Atma Tatwa has many names Drashta, Samvit, Chith, Jnanam, Bhogam, Deham, Chitham. It has so many names - Sat Chit Ananda, Para Tatwa, Paripoornam, Charam, Sthiram. All these are synonyms of Atma. There is no other path to know the true Self. Is it Sthoola (gross), Sukshma (subtle), Karana (causal) or Mahaa Karana (supreme causal) body? Is it Naadha (sound), Bindu (point)? Is it Jada (inert), or Chaitanya (awareness)? Is it Viswa (universe) or Hiranyagarbha? That which is not expressed - no. Is it Anda, Pinda or Brahmanda? Is it the beginning, the middle or the end? No. Is it Sakshi or Sakshma? They are all related to Dwaita - duality. Not Dwaita but Advaita is Atma Tatwa. Ekam Eva Adviteeyam Brahma - it is only one without the second.

That which is reflected in the intellect, the nature of the individual is Pramadha. Pramana is the nature of the chitta. Premeya is that which is seen in nature. The seer, the seen and the sight are Pramadha, Pramana and Prameya. So it is not divinity which has got this dualism.

What is meant by Brahmatwa? Brahmatwa is Tat, Sat, Ananda. Even that is not so. Is there non-dualism in the Maha Vakyas such as Ayam Atma Brahma, Tat Twam Asi, Prajnanam Brahma? No. You do not need the fuel after cooking. You do not need the boat after crossing the river. You do not need the medicine when the sickness is cured. Tat Twam Asi, Prajnanam Brahma, Ayam Atma Brahma, Aham Brahmasmi are required so long as there is dualism. The Maha Vakyas are not needed when once one knows true self.

How to know the sacredness of this nature? Here is an example for this. There is the inner self - Atma Tatwa - in the physical bodies, matter and forms. There is an ocean. In this infinite, deep ocean, there are infinite number of waves. The forms of waves vary though the ocean is one. Are the waves separate from the ocean? Though they appear to be different, the coolness, that which makes it wet and the white color are the same in the waves of the ocean. Similarly, divinity is present at the individual level and in the world. Prior to this universe there is Brahman. That which is present now is Brahman. Brahman will be there even after total annihilation of the universe. All these times, past, present and future, that which is permanent, that which is truth is Brahman. How is it? A foolish person looking at the rope mistakes it to be a snake and shouts. A wise man will come and say it is not a snake, it is just a rope and allays his fear. He looks at the rope clearly after his fear has gone. Then it is the rope. The rope existed when he mistook it to be a snake and shouted. The rope continued to exist after the fear was gone. In all the three times, it was only the rope that existed. It was only delusion that made him mistake the rope for a snake. There is Brahman prior to this universe. That which is universe is Brahman. Brahman remains after annihilation. It is silver prior to this tumbler was made. There is silver in this form of tumbler. Silver remains when it is melted. The forms and names differ though the silver remains the same in all the three stages.

There is Brahmatwa and Mayatwa in every human being. What is the basis for waves to originate in the ocean? The cause for the wave is the combination of air and water. Waves emanate as the air steps into the ocean. This air is Maya - illusion. Water is Brahman. The life wave originates because of this unity and combination. What is the form of this Maya - illusion? This is the Roopa (form), Nama (name). What is the form of Brahman? That is Sat Chit Ananda. It is taught in Vedantik parlance as Asti, Bhati, Priya, Roopa, Nama. Asti, Bhati and Priya are permanent. Roopa and Nama, name and form change. Therefore, the universe is bound to change. The very name is Jagat - Ja gat, Ja Gat - that which comes and goes. This Jagat has got the very form of coming and going. There is only one that is permanent in this universe. That is the collective form of divinity. Human life is like a water bubble. It is born in water, sustained in water and subsumes in water. It is the water bubble that is born in water, stands in water and ultimately merges in water. Nara - human being is the water bubble and Narayana - God - is water. We are not making effort to understand the divinity in humanity. When you understand clearly, you will understand the nature of this ephemeral world which is false. Bodies originate like water bubbles. Body is gifted to lead an ideal life. Sareera Maadhyam Kalu Dharma Saadhakam. Body is given to follow the path of righteousness, to make enquiry of justice and to reach the destination.

Birth and death go together at the same time. Birth and death have the same point. We can never believe at what time this death will come, at what time death will befall us whether in childhood, or in youth or old age, either in the town or forest or in deep water. The reason is death is after him. It is not possible to say where, when and how death follows. Can we ever remain leaving our shadow? Death also follows like a shadow along with your birth. But we should not worry about death. The reason is it is natural. Every living being in this world is bound to die one day or the other. It is foolishness to bother and worry about that. However, we should get it appropriately in the right way.

Man has got immense intelligence. One way is to enjoy and experience intelligence in a collective way and at the individual level is another. When we experience it collectively, it leads to certain problems. It gives bliss to society when we do it with a social awareness. Intelligence today is used for selfishness and self-interest. It is not used for the welfare and well being of the society.

Ravana is so highly educated. He is a great Tapasvi. He is very powerful. He is very powerful in all physical, secular, scientific and ethical aspects. He made use of his intelligence for his selfishness and self interest. There are three other things - Sujnana, Prajnana, Vijnana - that form the basis to show the correct way. Mandodhari stands for Sujnana - good knowledge. She said, "Ravana, think for a moment. If anyone takes away your wife, how would you feel? Just think for a moment because you have brought with you the wife of some one else, how she would be feeling now? You have no limit for your desires. You have no limit for education. There is no limit for your knowledge. You do not have discrimination and sense of judgement with all this and you have become foolish". Mandodhari who stands for Sujnana, good knowledge, taught him in several ways.

The next is Vijnana, knowledge based on reasoning. Vibhishana taught him in several ways. Brother, you are an emperor. This not a thing expected of an emperor. You are a great Tapasvi. A man who has done penance should not go in the wrong direction. Vibhishana pleaded with him to make use of this knowledge based on reasoning. Ravana did not pay heed to that as he is all selfishness.

As there was no change because of good knowledge, Mandodhari and knowledge based on reasoning, Vibhishana, then came Prajnana, spiritual knowledge, Hanuman. He said, "Ravana, certainly I will teach you a lesson. I will teach you a lesson to lead a correct life. Sita is the mother of the world. This Sita is your very mother. You have brought this mother of the world and in one stroke all your heads will be cut of f. This Hanuman, who stands for spiritual knowledge, taught him several ways. You have got ten heads. You see the Darbar which you are conducting. To see this only, I allowed myself to be sought by Indrajit and, therefore, I came. I certainly will teach you a lesson".

A selfish man will never have his life in his hand. One with a sacred heart, with spirit of service, with a heart that is selfless. It is Rama, who has his life in his own hand, because he strives for the welfare of the country whereas a selfish man's life will be in another man's hand.

The individual who knows the truth will see divinity manifested before him. Human life is the very reflection of divinity and nothing else. It is sheer ignorance to consider God being present somewhere else. One oneself is God. When he being himself is God, how should he search elsewhere? Para Brahman meant you yourself is Para Brahman. When once you sacrifice the body, mind and intellect, the Brahman remains. Body is only an instrument. It is like the dress. But does this dress grow? No. But does not the body grow? Yes, it grows. As you clean and sweep your house and collect the dust at one place, it will grow into a heap. As the heap grows, do you consider it alive? No. We feed the body with food, tiffin and all sorts of food and, therefore, this also grows like a heap of dust. Merely because it grows is not a sign of life. The body is a vesture. The body consists of the five elements. The body is bound to die. But the Indweller is eternal. The Indweller has neither birth, nor death, nor attachment nor liberation. That very Indweller is God Himself. That is the real knowledge of the self. We should understand that sacred knowledge. We go by all the false things happening elsewhere forgetting the divinity in the human life. We are carried away by them. We suffer and get worried. These worries we get but they are not natural. So every man after having been born is bound to die. When we have got noble feelings, then there will be birthless-ness. We should realize the divine feeling, have faith in spiritual feeling and acquire divinity in human life. That is the main path of an aspirant.

But in human life, there are many aberrations, perversions. There is only one hand behind all the miseries happening in the world. For all these things, people go on shouting that there is a foreign hand behind it, there is a hand of some religious sect. These are all ideas born out of no reason. They are just imagination. They are all falsehood. True, there is a hand. What is that hand? Jealousy is that hand. This jealousy is a chronic disease which is present in all the fields, in all the areas in the world. There is no medicine for this disease of jealousy.

Cancer has got a medicine. But this disease of jealousy cannot be cured. It will take him straight away. It has no cure. This disease of jealousy is present today in every field. Such things happen because of jealousy. Jealousy begot three children - hatred, anger, greed. Anasuya, the one without jealousy has three children. They are Sahana (tolerance), Prema (love) and Sahanubhooti (sympathy). This is the difference between Asuya and Anasuya. This is Asura Sampatti, that is Daiva Sampatti.

The demonic clan proceeds without any sense of judgment and discrimination. We will naturally be thinking what is the cause behind this action. You do not need to search for reasons. What is the reason for hunger? Digestion is the cause for hunger. In the same way, the absence of noble feelings is the cause for jealousy. Watching a noble man, they develop jealousy. Watching a progressing man, they develop jealousy. If one is handsome, there will be jealousy. If anyone earns name and repute, there will be jealousy. If one reaches a position of eminence, there will be jealousy. This envy has no reason, no season.

The one who is afflicted with the disease of jealousy is all perversion. The name and repute of Sai has spread all over the world. In the world today, in the present situation, people started with full jealousy either to control it, to diminish it by some way or take measures to put a stop to it. This kind of propaganda will not increase or decrease Swami's glory. The main reason for Swami's glory is His sacredness, not your publicity and your teaching. From head to foot, Swami is selfless with sacred love. This sacred love is unmovable by anybody. Swami does not hate anyone. Swami does no harm to anyone. Why should they harm Swami? There is no necessity for it. This is because of jealousy and hatred. Devotees should not suffer because of these things. Truly speaking, the devotee with that feeling will never waver. Sinclair, Goldstein and Haksar said that the reason for this is their faith. Though they are staying at far off places, thousands of miles from here, their faith has brought them all here. All the people with envy will reap the consequence. Even a trace of truth is not present in them. Truth will never change in spite of all the publicity which is false. Therefore, we should follow truth. We should follow sacredness. We should lead a selfless life. Believe it or not, Swami has no trace of selfishness. No one has the right to point a finger at Swami's sacredness. Who could point out at that divine sacredness? Only an intelligent person can know intelligence. How do you expect a foolish one to know intelligence? It is not possible. The reason is Swami's goodness. Swami is not speaking for Himself because the time has come to tell the truth.

All works of Sai are selfless and for the welfare of society. You know that. This super specialty Hospital has been built. Many have given their lives to make it. Lives were given to many. Many people were saved. They also demonstrate the love of parents. Who could do this? What a great luck that this tiny hamlet Puttaparthi could have a spot and Prasanthi Nilayam a position in the world map. This is the reason for envy. It is impossible for anybody to understand what Sathya Sai does, be it a big or a small thing. Human beings cannot do that.

Those people who do not know the truth, who do not come here, enjoy and experience, sit in air-conditioned rooms, write and then publicize. Are these people to teach the world? With a heart full of dirt to say that one is struggling for the world is a matter of shame. Step into the society. Do good activities. Proceed on the selfless path. Then it is possible for you to know the truth. Only that the words and the publicity full of envy is useless. It is only the truth that is the life for the world. The life rests on truth when you speak. That word which is devoid of truth is lifeless. So all publicity is false. That is all cheap advertisement. You should never waver or be carried away by this cheap advertisement. We should make an effort to uphold our own truth. There is public gathered here. As you go through the newspapers, these things need to be told.

The Sathya Sai Central Trust would never be burnt by fire. The trust is so sacred. Every naya paisa is spent in the correct way. We know that. The world does not know that. The Central Trust members have been working in a selfless way for the last twenty years. They bear their own expenses for their travel and lodging for any work to proceed to Delhi, Bombay or Madras, whereas elsewhere the Trust members claim for their T.A. and D.A. Sathya Sai Central Trust members live in such a sacred way. There is also publicity that they are here for position. They do not want any position. Are they short of positions? They have not come here aspiring for positions. They have come here for love of Swami.

You should also know clearly how the money is drawn from the banks. All these twenty years no cash is drawn from the bank. Every thing is drawn by way of cheque. We have Institute teachers. We are not giving cheques to teachers. Their salaries are credited to their respective accounts in the bank. They are so strict. Therefore, we are sacred and we do not expect noise fire. This body is 67 years old. Swami never stretched His hand at any moment. What is the reason? You will certainly get what is required if you have good feelings either in India or abroad. There are no people who are ready to do that. There will be no dearth of money if you are prepared to do. Therefore, a single naya paisa is not wasted. There is no scope in our trust for any one to draw money. Every cheque has to be signed by two. Every cheque has to be signed by Swami and then only anybody can sign it. People say crores and crores are mismanaged. This is utterly false. We do not touch cash. If anyone is prepared to deposit cash, the bank manager and Central Trust member and person depositing the cash are associated in the transaction before the money is accepted. No one can point out a finger. To give such a publicity to the Central Trust is worst of the sins. In this world, nowhere else things are dealt with in such a sacred way. Therefore, our institution is growing day by day. Not only that. Nothing can happen to our institutions so long as the sun and moon are there. It is because of the envious people that this happened. This publicity leads to restlessness in this world. They earn sin. It is not good. Do good if you are capable. Or shut your mouth and sit quiet. Not doing harm is a great help. You are harming others. It is not good. You may speculate why Swami has not come forward with replies. There must be an appropriate time for everything.

Kauravas insulted and humiliated the Pandavas. The divine powers of Pandavas are well known to the Kauravas. Each one has got magnificent power. They never made use of their powers. They were silent. Kauravas mistook this silence as cowardice. They mistook it as weakness. They took it as powerless life. No. No one can know the great power latent in tolerance. Sathya Sai Trust observed this tolerance. No one can decide the power in this forbearance. This forbearance is truth, righteousness and non-violence. Forbearance is everything. No one can realize the power of this forbearance.

Something relating to our students. You will never get students of this kind anywhere. This has happened 28 days ago. Every day they are doing Parayana. They are observing fast. Students have forsaken their food and drink struggling hard to get away from this blot. There may be a few stones in a bag of rice. There may be one or two in the lot. You should not blame the entire student community of the Sathya Sai Institution basing on this one or two. Our students are gold. They are ready to do anything for Swami. That little young boy sang at the beginning of the speech. He sang telling that he is prepared to offer his life. We should not blame everyone because of the mistake of one or two. Students also will have to bear with this for some time. They should have tolerance.

One or two mosquitoes might bite when we go to bed. The next day you apply flit. One or two mosquitoes bite but when you apply flit, 20 mosquitoes die. The reason is the rest of the mosquitoes made friendship with these two mosquitoes. We may also get a bad name because of the friendship with bad company. Teja Durjana Samsargam. Therefore, run away from bad company. These blames come and go. Though the good man is far off, people are bound to blame him just like the pest that spoils the silk saree worth hundreds. The pest of envy will spoil the Banaras saree. It spoils even a costly saree. It spoils useless cloth also. It is its nature. There is no discrimination between good and bad. Therefore, good people will have to bear for some time. Then you will be successful. Let us not worry any longer of what happened. That which is bound to happen happened. Those things which are to happen in the world will happen.

Another aspect here. Swami has not told this to anyone so far. Many devotees may be thinking when many things have happened why not Swami tell Radhakrishna earlier, why not Swami save him? Swami is telling in the spiritual sense and not the worldly point. Both of them ate at 7 O' clock. Radhakrishna was sitting downstairs. Swami said, "Radhakrishna let us go. Don't sit there". He said, "Swami if I come upstairs now, I cannot go to sleep at 7 O' clock". Then Swami said, "if you don't get sleep, then sit here. What you do there you can do upstairs. I never asked you to sleep. You get up immediately". Swami hurried him to come up. Death will follow whatever may be said. Swami also pretended as if He spoke to him angrily. It is your bad luck, it is your foolishness that you don't pay heed to my words. He felt bad. Swami retired. He enquired clearly. He knows well since 22 years. He knows whatever Swami tells is for his good. He stepped into the kitchen and brought a tumbler of buttermilk. He came smilingly. He said, "Swami you are angry with me. Take this buttermilk and calm down". Swami said, "Radhakrishna, I am not angry. I am telling you for your own good". Then he said, "Swami has doubt that I will go away and talk to somebody". Then Swami said, "if I have doubt, then do I keep you with me? No I am not doubting. I am telling for your good". Then while going to bed, Swami said, "I never take buttermilk. Why did you bring it?". Then he said, "I felt like giving Swami buttermilk and therefore I brought it". Swami said, "Since you wanted to offer buttermilk, I will take it. The moment I finish off, you should come up. He said, "I will certainly return". Swami never takes buttermilk. Swami sipped a little and just kept it and told him, "For your satisfaction I have taken it". He has a pure heart. He said, "Swami may I take this remaining buttermilk?". "Why should you throw it away, you can drink it". He drank it there. Swami told him put down the tumbler there and then come up here. He stepped down and he came down here and he felt Swami may call him back. If you follow what He said, no one would face danger. He had a doubt that if he sits in the downstairs, Swami may call him. He went to his sister's house and the messengers of death followed him then. It had happened like that.

Whatever Swami says, He says for your own good. Whatever he says is only sacred, never unsacred. Believe it or not, Swami always thinks what good things to do for the poor people, how to do good things. That is what Swami always thinks, not for Himself.

After the summer classes, Indulal Shah and Srinivasan started planning for 70th birthday. They wanted to take a project every year. Swami said, "You should not do anything for Swami. You should do it for society, for people and for the world. Whatever you do in this direction, Swami will be happy". Swami called Srinivasan and told him Swami has desires, three desires, not for Swami. The middle class farmers are suffering because we do not have timely rains. They may own five to six acres of land but they do not lead a comfortable life. There is barren land more and more. They are not able to bear the expenses of labour. They also do not know to rear cattle and take care of them. Swami said for the 70th birthday, 70 tractors should be handed over to the poor farmers. Each farmer should be gifted with a tractor freely. Swami says it and does it immediately at the same time. He does not say at one time and do later. When the gun is sounded, the killing must happen at the same time. Immediately he phoned Escorts and Sivasailam. All tractors were brought. They experiment with all those tractors there to see whether they are working all right. As Swami is doing with noble feelings, broad feelings, they placed orders.

Srinivasan then asked, "What is the second idea Swami?". There are people here in Puttaparthi who roam aimlessly in the bazaar and may enter into evil ways because there is no proper crop here. The Super Specialty Hospital is far off. Even the post office is at a distance from the Mandir. People find it difficult to reach both. In order to give a living to this people and be of convenience to us, let us give 70 autorickshaws. If the poor people are gifted with an auto, they can carry on a living which will give happiness to Swami. An order has already been placed for this.

What is the third one? There are many women belonging to good families who cannot put any hard work. Swami said these women can be gifted with 70 sewing machines and they may be taught stitching. Seventy sewing machines are already purchased.

There is the fourth one. A mass marriage has to be performed for 70 people of any religion, any caste or creed. We should give them the joy which they cannot get in addition to conducting their marriage. The marriage should be performed in a grand style. It is not enough to give Mangal Sutra and jewelry. A gold chain must also be given. We should give them a house also to lead an ideal life as a householder.

Swami's all will and desire is only help, help, help. You say whether any wealthy man, a rich man, says that or does that. When such sacred tasks are undertaken, they envy us. It is only the consequence of their sins. They don't do it and they don't allow others to do. This is not the quality of a human being. We should have broad feelings in human life. It is possible only when you come and see here. Filling the heart with jealousy, writing and talking something else is just demonic quality. Such a thing will not take place anywhere else. Not only in India, see in any other country, is free education imparted? You should pay Rs 20,000 even for admission to the first standard. But here from K.G. to P.G., education is free. The patient is not admitted unless you pay four to five lakhs for heart diseases outside. One crore is spent in Swami's hospital every month. Which rich man, which noble person is doing this? They do. They construct a hospital at a cost of ten lakhs and earn ten crores. We do not want even 10 naya paisa for any treatment. Here there is no scope for such business. It is not good to change the sacred divine path.

Sai's heart is as vast as the sky. The sky may look small but Sai's heart is vaster than the sky.

Some say Sai is in the hands of some. Yes, Sai is in the hands of a few. He is caught among the devotees. He is also caught by the wicked people. Swami loves wicked people more than his devotees. Devotees think of God now and then. But the wicked people think of God all the 24 hours. So Swami is present in their heart and your heart also. Swami will never be got in the hands of anybody. Every will of Sai is ideal. You may feel so. The life of Swami is in the hands of Swami, in no other hand. If Swami wants, he can continue to be here. He can leave it if He wills so. It is Swami's will, not anybody else's. The reason is sacredness is the witness for this. Selflessness is the witness. Divinity is the witness. What more witness is needed? It is only in the sacred hearts that there is life.

Embodiments of Divine Atma: Today is Guru Poornima. What is meant by Gurutwa? Truth in the world is Gurutwa. Observe truth with steady feelings and with a selfless heart. That truth is your protection. That truth is your armour. Truth will follow you and protect you. Satyam Naasti Paramo Dharma - there is no Dharma higher than Truth. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshithaha - if you protect Dharma, that Dharma will in turn protect you. Do not waver by this agitation. Keep your truth as you aim. Fill your heart with sanctity. Love every one. Do not hate anybody. Then only true divinity will originate in you.

[Discourse posted by Ravi Mahalingam/Lokes on SaiNet]