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Date:18 Nov 1995 Occasion:World Conference Place:Prashanti Nilayam

Human Life Is Sanctified In Serving Humanity

Paropakaaraaya Phalanthi Vrikshaha
Paropaarakaaya Vahanthi Nadyaha
Paroparakaaya Duhanthi Gaavaha
Paropakaaraartham Idam Sareeram

Embodiments of Love:

Today in the present day world, sacrifice is most essential for people who have a variety of ambitions, too many desires and struggling for things that they don't deserve.

First Lessons in Sacrifice

The tree never partakes its own fruit. The tree sacrifices by passing on the fruits to others. The river does not drink its own water. It sanctifies its very purpose by providing drinking water to others. The cow does not take its own milk but gives it for the benefit of others. Likewise, man should share with his fellow beings his natural qualities like morality, truth and integrity.

We are born out of this mother earth. The tree yields fruit; the clouds bring rain to give water that sustains life. It is the sun's rays that manifest and blossom the entire organic world and sustain human life. It is mother earth that once again demonstrates her quality of sharing the five elements to the rest of mankind. Having been born here on earth, growing here, we have forgotten the very lesson that mother earth offers.

Our true value does not consist in introducing ourselves as a Christian, a Muslim, Zoroastrian, or Buddhist. The highest value latent in a human being comprises in declaring that I am a human being. All are human beings. The greatness does not lie in the caste and creed. All religions merge in the divine effulgence ultimately.

Oh son of Bharat! the one of valour and courage, listen to this; all religions teach only noble and good things. You have to conduct yourself with intelligence and if your minds are good, which religion is bad? With all the divine strength and power we have, we should strive for the welfare of society and not misuse it. The welfare and happiness of the individual depends on the welfare of the society. When there is welfare and peace in society, then only the individual can experience peace and happiness.

SAI for The Change

Man needs three important capabilities. The first is that there should be spiritual transformation. After spiritual transformation comes social change. Then comes the individual transformation. There will naturally be social change with spiritual transformation. The individual will shine and blossom with radiance when there is peace and welfare in society.

We make use of certain words to bring in such transformation. A small example. The letters S - A - I make Sai. S - stands for spiritual change. We should have such change now. A - stands of associational change. The third I - is for individual change. Sai symbolises here spiritual change, change in our association and change at the individual level. That is the essence of all these three letters. The whole world will be happy when such a transformation takes place. How do you expect spiritual change to take place without individual change and social change? The one common thing of these three letters is the nature of love. We should experience this principle of love.

Everyone in this worlds says I, I, I. If you ask a question, you get the answer I did, I came, I saw, I experienced. Who is this I? If you recognize the divinity common to the crores of people, then you will understand the real I in you. So you have to know your own true self. Then that would bring about a social transformation.

Individual submerged by Immorality

How does it take place at the individual level? Every individual has got some bad desires and habits. It is the bad habits of the individual that spoil him and the company around. What are these habits? They are smoking, drinking, eating meat and gambling. These are all bad habits. By these bad habits not only the individual suffers but also the entire family is brought to ruination. The day when the individual gives up all these bad habits, his individuality will truly blossom. We should have morality in order to express our individuality. Individuality in turn will blossom in you have morality. Individuality is submerged because of the bad habits.

Then what is that social change? We should all be away from the social evils. What are these social evils? They are accusing others continuously, blaming others, making fun of others and feeling jealous. We have lost peace in society because of these bad qualities of man. You don't find anyone who is acceptable to everybody in society.

People live with so many ideas. 'Munde Munde Mathi Bhinnah' - as the heads differ the thinking also differs. We do not think of the demerits of defects when there is friendship. But we think every act as a mistake when the friendship does not last or sustain. When we are together, when there is love, whatever you do is bound to be good. But when we separate, every liking turns hateful. This is the effect of modern day. This is not good. We should develop divine feelings at all times. Therefore, we have to foster good qualities in society. We have to foster qualities of helping others. To do service, we should develop sacrifice. We should have the spirit of equanimity, a feeling that others suffering is our own suffering. Then there will be a spiritual change. Compassion, mercy, love, forbearance, sympathy - such noble qualities originate from spiritual transformation.

Love of God and Fear of Sin

It is the people of Bharat who spent their time singing the glory, spending all the time propagating these sacred human values. It is Bharat that is filled with all the noble ideas. Though you know the divine nature, you appear as if you are unaware. What is the reason? You portray truth as untruth by forgetting the environment and entering undesirable paths. This is not proper. What should we do to change this? We do not fear sin because of ignorance. We do not have love for God. Humanity has lost its human values. What else are the other bad qualities? Bharatiyas have lost fear of sin, love for God and morality in society.

Love for God is our natural state. Love for God is our heritage. When you have love for God, naturally you will have fear of sin. Today there is no fear of sin. You find people engaged in cruel actions. What is the reason? They have no fear of sin. How can we establish morality in society under such conditions? We have to bring in several changes in society.

The Prime Minister of Bharat has said in his talk that we need unity and integrity to overcome the problems being faced by the country. We will then be rid of all problems. Who is responsible for all these troubles? Who is responsible for the restlessness? Who is responsible of all the agitation? Know the truth that we are only responsible. You own ideas reflect in the other person. If you say the other person is bad, your bad is reflected in him. We will not have trouble if we develop unity among ourselves. True strength lies in unity. This is only the proper path.

You Are What You Think

Today noble qualities, good behaviour and good thoughts are all lost in humanity. You don't find water as dharma is subdued. Therefore water has gone deep. Water will also come up when we bring out the good qualities. The water reservoirs become dry without timely rain. Who is responsible for the shortages of food and water? The absence of noble qualities among the people is responsible for all the calamity. So, people should develop sacred ideas. Then only your desires will be fulfilled. Yad Bhaavam Tad Bhavati. It is said in English, 'As thinketh a man so is the man.' Our own ideas are reflected in action. Our own actions give us the result. The reaction, reflection and resound are based on our actions. Everything else will be good if you are good to your own self.

Another point. As we have the Prime Minister of Bharat here, it is to be cautioned now. We got independence sacrificing several lives. People sacrificed their time, resources and life in the freedom struggle. We are independent because of that sacrifice. We could achieve independence but not unity. What is the use of independence without unity?

Unity the Source of Happiness

You can perform any action only when all five fingers are together. You cannot act if they are drifted apart. We should be one. This is a piece of cloth. It has a number of threads. It is strong because the threads are inter-woven. If you separate the threads, you can cut it off with a finger. Therefore, unity is the true strength and source of happiness. You can achieve anything with unity.

The five elements belong to everybody. Air has no difference that one is a Brahmin, Sudra, Vysya and Kshatriya. Every being has got a right on the five elements. However, under the policies of the Government, there is regulation of water. There is no shortage of water in Bharat. There is no dearth of any wealth. No other country has as many rivers as there are in Bharat. No other country has such vast land. It may be there elsewhere but it is a waste land. We have the fields that give us food. There are a number of rivers. But we are not that fortunate to make use of their water. What is the reason? Ganga, Kaveri, Krishna, Yamuna, Godavari - all these rivers belong to Bharat. All rivers should be made national property. Then there will be no problem whatsoever of sharing river waters.

You may not classify as river as belong to Karnatak, Bengal or Bombay. It is a national property. All can use them. All can derive happiness. Everybody can be satisfied. Since there is no unity, everyone starts claiming this is his river. As a result, the water is not fully utilised and the rivers merge in the ocean. Everybody should say that it is our property, not my or your property. All Bharatiyas have equal right on this. If our Prime Minister makes an effort to declare all the rivers as a national property, the whole country will progress. All States can enjoy. When one State says yes, the other States say no. All are brothers. The States are in fact neighbours in the country. When we carry out this, there will be no dearth of food or shortage of drinking water. People should also cooperate.

The Real Ornaments

You all know that. When the government undertakes a bid programme, some people oppose. People should have the faith that whatever program the government undertakes, it is for the benefit of the people. Not only this, you should never be lazy or unmindful of the actions and activities of the government. You should do your duty. You should discharge your responsibility. You should also set an ideal for your life. Every man should know that he is born to achieve an ideal. Human life is not gifted to struggle for food, raiment and shelter. Paropakaaraartham Idam Sareeram - the body is gifted to render service. Let this body be put in the service of humanity. This body is meant for helping others. We should develop that spirit of service.

Bharat developed this spirit of help from ancient times. It is said,

Hastasya Bhooshanam Dhaanam
Satyam Kanthasya Bhooshanam
Stotram Karnasya Sastram.

It is not the anklet that is the ornament for the hand. It is only the sacrifice, charity that is the ornament for the hand. It is not the necklace that is the decoration for the neck. Truth is the ornament for the neck. It is not the ear rings but sacred listening that adores the ear. We are losing such valuable jewelry. We have to protect and preserve them.

We employ watchmen and Gurkas to safeguard and protect our wealth. Our true wealth is protected by only one. Who is that? That is ahamkaram, the ego. It is the watchman of the ego who has everything to himself, not sharing. When you kill this watchman of ego, you can experience all this jewelry for yourself.

Embodiments of Love, the world is so vast. You too should have broad feelings. You should never be narrow minded. That is true life. The need is for expansion of love and not contraction of love. Then only there is value attached to your devotion. Devotion does not mean doing bhajans or doing good actions. They are all different components of devotion. Devotion demands pure love. Selfless service is the true jewel.

Sai Will Them Free

Today there is increasing shortage of food and water. Heart is important for health. Head is important for education. Water is important for the body. Swami willed that these three should be supplied free. The day we begin to buy health, education and water, the sanctity of Bharat is lost. We should never sell education. Ask any small boy what are you doing. He says, "Sir, I am buying education."

You have to pay Rs 50,000 or Rs one lakh as donation to admit a boy in a lower standard. What is the value if we buy education like that? We buy things in this manner which in not natural to us.

Then health. Everyone's body is bound to suffer sometime or other from ill health. Doctors should be prepared to sacrifice to cure diseases. Don't struggle for money; struggle for good quality. Money comes and goes. Morality comes and grows. Develop morality today.

There are a lot of students here. Having been educated, be prepared to render service. Don't go to earn thousands of rupees in far off places. Go to villages and serve. You should help the villages and share their love. Then only the purpose of your education is served. If you serve in the villages, the inner peace is never disturbed. Students should understand this clearly. It is enough if you earn thousand rupees as salary in a village. You can spend your whole life there. You can also deposit Rs 500 in the bank. Even if you receive Rs 5000 in a city, all the money has to be spent for electricity transport, house rent and so on. You earn Rs 5000, but you will have only Rs 1000 on hand. You return home tired with that Rs 1000. The health is spoiled. If you spend time in those villages where there is pure air with all the facilities, you can keep up good health.

Stand United with Love

Students, therefore, all of you should serve the society and participate in service activities. You should also think of the welfare of the society.

There are two more points to be mentioned. Now there is water work. Time is short but there is lot of work to be completed. In between residents of many villages approached and have asked for water supply to their villages also. As a result of these interruptions the work is not completed in time. Still there are some villages remaining to be served. Don't be disappointed. Don't be frustrated. Under any circumstance, all the remaining work will be completed. Don't think that the work will come to a halt after the Prime Minister leaves. We are prepared for any sacrifice to keep up the promise given. So never be disappointed. Some works are yet to be completed. Right from tomorrow they will begin. By January the whole district will be a place of bliss and happiness. We do not want any person to say that he has no water supply.

Embodiments of Love, It is a joyful occasion that the water project is inaugurated by the Prime Minister who belongs to the State of Andhra Pradesh. All of you cooperate and work unitedly and help the government without any conflict or infighting. Then Bharat will be a land of happiness. It will set an ideal to the rest or the world. The responsibility lies with you to make this country ideal. Bharat has been an ideal from ancient times. You should be united, understand the ideology of the government, associate yourself with the activities of the government. Give up all hatred, ego and jealousy. Stand united with love. Then only this country will progress. Develop love today. You can stay united with love. Therefore, develop Love.

[Discourse posted by Grindle on SaiNet]