God has no specific name. All names are attributed by man to God. Each name, like Padmanabha, Hiranyagarbha, and Hiranmaya, has a profound inner meaning. Spirituality is meant to explain the principle of Divinity and the inner meaning of the names attributed to Him. One who follows the spiritual path should make efforts to understand and experience the principle of Divinity and propagate the same. But, man today has not really understood what spirituality means. He is under the mistaken notion that spirituality means merely offering worship and prayers to God and performing rituals. People should be taught the inner significance of spirituality and various names and forms attributed to Divinity.

Your heart should melt and flow toward God. Only then can you attain His grace. People may talk as they please; do not be carried away by them. Unmindful of hardships and difficulties, hold on to the principle of divinity and reach the goal of life. Today, people lack the will and determination to reach the goal of life. How can those who do not understand the goal of life, attain it? True love cannot be fragmented. One cannot have love for God as well as for ephemeral objects and relationships. The love which is fragmented is artificial only. You have only one heart. You cannot break it into pieces and distribute to various people. It is not like a laddoo or sugar cane, which can be broken into pieces and distributed. It is the eternal truth. It is nectarous and full of bliss. Ignoring the immortal bliss within, people tread the worldly path thinking that bliss lies therein. It is only a figment of their imagination. He is a true devotee who makes efforts to attain God with full faith and determination without caring for trials and tribulations.

Divine Discourse: July 13, 2003

What is it that you are supposed to know on this day of Guru Purnima? You must understand that God is in you, with you, around you, above you, below you. In fact, you are God. Recognise this truth in the first instance. Do not entertain excessive desires and become beggars. Do your duty sincerely. That is the true Sadhana. When you are in office, do office work only; do not think of your family matters. Likewise, when you are at home, take care of the needs of your wife and children. Do not make your home an office. But today because of too much work in office, people take office-papers to their homes to complete their work. They are thus facing difficulties because they mix up their office work, household work, business and spiritual matters.

Right from this day, try to reduce your attachment to the world to the extent possible. Be happy and make others happy. Do not hurt anybody. Consider difficulties as passing clouds. You have developed family relationships and there are bound to be some worries. But do not be perturbed by them. When you look at the vast sky, you find many clouds. Likewise, in the sky of your heart there are clouds of attachment. They just come and go. Do not worry about them. What is the shape of worry? It is a mentally created fear. It is the result of your imagination. Every man is bound to encounter difficulties and losses. We should face them with courage.

From this day of Guru Purnima, make your hearts sacred. Just as you wave away the mosquitoes that bite you, brush aside any difficulties that assail you. Do not be depressed by sorrow nor be elated by happiness. Develop equanimity and strive to attain Divinity.

Divine Discourse: July 24, 2002

Today we are celebrating Guru Purnima. Purnima means full moon day. Then who is a Guru? The modern Gurus whisper a Mantra into the ear and stretch their hand for money. Such people are not fit to be called Gurus.

Gukaro Gunateethaha
Rukaro Rupavarjithaha

(one who is attributeless and formless is a true Guru.)

A Guru is necessary to make you understand the formless and attributeless Divinity. Since it is difficult to get such Gurus, consider God as your Guru.

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Guru Devo Maheswara;
Gurur Sakshat Para Brahma Thasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheswara. Consider Guru as your everything. In this world, everything is a manifestation of Divinity. Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma (verily all this is Brahman). All are the embodiments of Divinity. In fact, all that you see is nothing but the Divine Cosmic Form (Viswa Virat Swarupa).

Sahasra Seersha Purusha
Sahasraksha Sahasra Padh

(With thousands of heads, thousands of feet and thousands of eyes, Divinity pervades everything).

This means all the heads, all the feet and all the eyes that we see in this world belong to God. When the Vedic statement, Sahasra Seersha... was made, the population of the world was only a few thousands, but now it runs into a few hundred crores. In those days, people considered everybody as Divine. They believed in the Vedic dictum, Sarva Bhuta Namaskaram Kesavam Pratigachchati (salutations to all beings reach God). Easwara Sarva Bhutanam (God is the indweller of all beings). Isavasyam Idam Sarvam (the entire universe is permeated by God). Divinity is not restricted to a particular place. God is here, God is there and He is everywhere. You are developing differences out of delusion, but Divinity is One and only One. It is the duty of a Guru to propagate such principle of oneness.

Divine Discourse: July 5, 2001

Today we are celebrating the festival of Guru Poomima. Who is Guru? 'Gu' stands for Gunatheeta (attributeless). 'Ru' signifies Rupavarjita (formless). There is another interpretation for the word Guru. 'Gu' signifies darkness and 'Ru' denotes that which dispels darkness. (Gukaaro Andhakaarasya, Rukarasthannirodhakaha). So, God, who is attributeless and formless, is the true Guru. In the word 'Bhagavan', the letter 'Bha' stands for effulgence. An ordinary electric bulb illumines only a limited area, but God who is all pervasive illuminates the entire creation. Divinity shines forth in everybody. So, do not hate anybody.

Guru is one who dispels the darkness of ignorance, arising out of body attachment. Body is but an instrument. God has given you the body to take to the Path of action. Body is God's gift. Deho Devalayah Prokto jeevo Devah Sanathanaha (body is the temple and the indweller is God)! Consider all bodies as temples of God and offer your salutations. Salute even your enemies. Sarva Jeeva Namaskaaram Kesavam Pratigachchathi and likewise Sarva Jeeva Tiraskaaram Kesavam Pratigachchathi (whomsoever you salute, it reaches God and whomsoever you censure, it also reaches God).

Give up ignorance, light the lamp of wisdom in you and ultimately merge in the Divine. This is Swami's message for you today. Develop love. Through love alone can you annihilate the mind and through love alone can you get cured of any disease. Only love can eradicate the evil qualities in you. So love all. Love the Hridaya, not the physical body. Love the Divinity that is installed in your heart. Body, mind, intellect and senses are merely instruments, you are the master. So, master the mind and be a mastermind. Never become a slave to your mind. Contemplate on the Divine day in and day out. That alone can bring about transformation in you. You may chant any name, contemplate on any form; but understand the truth that God is One and only one.

Divine Discourse: July 16, 2000

Today is Guru Poornima. What is its significance?

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheswarah
Guru Sakshath Parabrahma
Thasmai Sri Gurave Namah.

The Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara are within us. That is why I often say you are not one, but three. This is the meaning of the three words Bhur, Bhuvah, Suvah in the Gayathri Mantra. Bhur means Bhuloka (earth). The earth is made up of materials. Therefore, the human body, which is also made up of materials, is called Bhuloka. This can also be referred to as materialization. Bhuvaha means life force.(Prana) It is this life force that makes the body move. It is known as vibration. Suvaha means wisdom. This is known as radiation. The Veda declares: Prajnanam Brahma. This Prajnana is nothing but radiation. Human being is a combination of materialization, vibration and radiation. You don't need to search for God outside. Turn your vision inward. There you will find God.

Today is full moon day. The Veda says: Chandrama Manaso Jathaha Chaksho Suryo Ajayatha Mukhadindrascha Agnishcha. Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. That day is Poornima in the true sense of the term, when the mind is filled with pure love. Let your mind shine brilliantly like the moon on a full moon day. This is possible only when you fill your mind with love. Fill your hearts with love. There is no wealth, no Dharma, no meditation greater than love. I expect all of you to live in unity like brothers and sisters. If you become the embodiment of love, you will become divine.

Divine Discourse: July 28, 1999

What is the significance of the Guru Purnima, which we are celebrating today? People consider a person who imparts knowledge as a preceptor. But most of them are mere teachers, not preceptors (gurus). There is only one guru and He is God. The letter "Gu" signifies one who transcends all attributes. "Ru" signifies one who has no form. Only God can be regarded as one who is beyond attributes and forms. In another sense, the term "Guru" means one who dispels ignorance.

Although one's mother, father and preceptor are to be adored as divine beings, they are not God. God should be worshipped as mother, father, preceptor, kinsman and friend. Father, mother, and preceptor dwell in their respective abodes. But God dwells in your heart. Love the Lord who resides in your heart. All other objects of love are impermanent.

People should understand the distinction between worldly love and spiritual love. Worldly love is based on the desire to receive. Divine love yearns to give. God's love goes on giving. This is the true mark of divinity. It is a sign of purity. Spirituality is opposed to the ways of the world. Worldly activities cannot always be avoided. But if whatever is done is made an offering to please God, it gets sanctified. Whatever you achieve, treat it as a gift from God. You will then realize your true humanness. True humanness consists in the unity of good conduct, good thoughts and good speech. Never depart from truth. Let love flow freely from your heart.

Divine Discourse: July 9, 1998

The term "Guru" means one who dispels the darkness of ignorance. "Gu" means one who is beyond attributes (gunas), "Ru" implies one who is beyond forms (rupas). This refers only to God. That is why the "Guru" is hailed as Brahma, Vishnu or Siva. Only God is the true Guru. All others are merely teachers, like the teachers of different subjects in a college. "Guru" is the one who reveals the "Guri" (target) to the disciple. "Guri" here refers to the Atmic Principle.

Divine Discourse: July 20, 1997

Today is described as Guru Purnima Day. This is not quite correct. The day got its name because of some gurus who wanted to have an occasion for receiving offerings from their disciples. The right name for this day is Vyasa Purnima.

Vyaasa was born on this full moon day. He completed the codification of the four Vedas on this day. He completed the writing of the eighteen puranas on this day. Owing to the passage of time Vyasa Purnima came to be called Guru Purnima.

When this Self is within you where is the need to search for someone to teach you? A teacher who teaches others has had a teacher himself. The one who has no Guru above him is the true Guru. The Sanskrit stanza which hails the Guru as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara and as Parabrahman is misinterpreted. The right approach is to consider Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara as the Guru. These three are symbolised by the three gunas: Brahma is Rajas, Vishnu is Sathva and Siva is Thamas. The whole cosmos is constituted by the three gunas. The three gunas are present in man. The trinity are present in the form of the three gunas in every human heart.

Divine Discourse: July 30, 1996

Embodiments of Divine Atma: Today is Guru Purnima. What is meant by Gurutwa? Truth in the world is Gurutwa. Observe truth with steady feelings and with a selfless heart. That truth is your protection. That truth is your armour. Truth will follow you and protect you. Satyam Naasti Paramo Dharma - there is no Dharma higher than Truth. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshithaha - if you protect Dharma, that Dharma will in turn protect you. Do not waver by this agitation. Keep your truth as you aim. Fill your heart with sanctity. Love every one. Do not hate anybody. Then only true divinity will originate in you.

Divine Discourse: July 3, 1993

Who is a true Guru? What is the truth underlying the Guru principle? Is he the one that teaches worldly education? Is he the one that explores the properties of matter, a Guru? Is he the one that describes in detail Natural Sciences, a Guru? No, they are only teachers. A true Guru is the embodiment of Brahmaanandha (transcendental bliss). A true Guru is one who enjoys and confers changeless supreme happiness. He is beyond space and time; and there is nothing higher than Him. He is the very form of truth and infinite. He has neither birth nor death, neither beginning nor end. He is God Himself: He is the Guru.

Guru is Brahman. He is the Creator; He Himself is the creation and He is the One that exists in the creation. The universe is filled with Brahman. It becomes clear that the One who Himself has become the universe is the Guru.

Guru is Vishnu. Who is Vishnu? Vishnu is one who has the quality of pervasiveness. He is the Doer and also what is done. The universe is the action, God is the Doer. God is the consciousness behind the cause and effect. The whole universe is the form of Vishnu. This Vishnu is the Guru.

Guru is Maheshvara. Who is Maheshvara? He is the one who rules all beings in the Universe. He commands and ordains everything in the universe in the right manner. Sun-rise and Sun-set go on according to His command. Seasons, rain, the day and night are His commands. Eeshvara is one that makes everything--follow its discipline without any lapse. Guru is not one who merely teaches. A Guru is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, He is God himself.

Gurupuurnima means full moon without any defect or lacuna. Moon is nothing but mind. When the mind is completely perfect, it sheds light. Gurupuurnima is not performed by circumambulation and offerings to the Guru. What is the real offering? It is the offering of one's love. To know that God exists everywhere is circumambulation. If you understand these terms, everyday is Gurupuurnima. There is only one Guru, that is God and there is no other Guru. Contemplate on that Guru.

Divine Discourse: July 14, 1992

Today is the sacred day of Guru Purnima. Bharatiyas have held the view that one should try to sublimate one's life by seeking a Guru and acting according to his teachings. There are eight types of Gurus:

  1. Bodha Guru
  2. Veda Guru
  3. Nishiddha Guru
  4. Kaamya Guru
  5. Vaachaka Guru
  6. Soochaka Guru
  7. Kaarana Guru
  8. Vihita Guru

Bodha Guru teaches the Sastras and encourages the pupil to act up to sastraic injunctions. The Veda Guru imparts the inner meaning of the Veda s, establishes the pupil in spiritual truths and turns his mind towards God. The Nishiddha Guru imparts knowledge about rites and duties and shows how one's welfare here and in the hereafter can be ensured. The Kaamya Guru makes one engage himself in meritorious deeds to secure happiness in both the worlds. The Vaachaka Guru imparts knowledge of Yoga and prepares the disciple for the spiritual life. The Soochaka Guru teaches how the senses are to be controlled through various types of discipline. The Kaarana Guru reveals the unity of the jivi and the Atma. Vihita Guru clears all doubts, purifies the mind and shows how Self-realization can be attained.

Of these eight Gurus, the Kaarana Guru is the foremost. Through various teachings and practices, he helps the individual to progress from the human to the divine consciousness. Only the divine can act as such a teacher. All other Gurus can be helpful only to a limited extent.

On this Guru Purnima day I do not intend to give you any Ashtaakshari (eight letter) or Panchaakshari (five-letter) mantra based on any particular deity's name. Nor am I enjoining you to study any Upanishad, or the Gita or the Brahma Sutras. There is a simple five-letter pronouncement "God is" ("Devudunnaadu," in Telugu). Make this your sheet anchor. If you go on reciting it, thinking over it, acting up to it and conveying it to others, immersing yourself in the bliss of this experience, you will be making the greatest contribution to the welfare of the world. Consider this mantra as the message for this Guru Purnima and proclaim it in all circumstances and at all places with all the conviction and strength you can command. The world can be turned into an earthly paradise if you strengthen your faith in God and demonstrate it in your actions. You must have the courage and determination to face any kind of problems and difficulties. By propagating this mantra you can promote the love of God and the fear of sin among the people. The mantra "God is" can be more powerful than a mantra based on any particular deity's name.

From today, develop your faith in God; engage yourselves in dedicated service to society and make your lives purposeful and helpful to those in distress or need. Remember that whomsoever you may serve, you are serving God. This is my benediction for all of you.

Divine Discourse: July 21, 1986